The Backup Shoes Every Bride Should Have

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Brides get so wrapped up in finding the perfect pair of wedding shoes that they often forget that they will have to wear them all night!  Guest blogger and wedding expert Saniya D. shares her tips for a successful shoe night.
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Ahhh shoes, the other love of my life besides my hubby.  Always make sure to shop around for comfortable shoes. If you buy them online, make sure they are from a store that offers easy or free returns. If you’re going to be wearing sky-high shoes, be sure to bring along a comfortable pair of wedges or heeled flip flops that will prevent  your dress from dragging. Make sure the heel height of your comfortable pair of shoes is the same height as your drool-worthy, sexy, official wedding shoes.

I wore my official wedding shoes for our pictures and that was it. I couldn’t bear to stand in them for much more than that, and I’m a girl that loves to wear heels. Thankfully, I bought a cute, comfortable pair of flip flops with a wedge heel that saved my feet on my wedding day. I wore them for the rest of the night and danced the night away. No one was the wiser because they were hidden by my dress! Do yourself a favor, buy a second pair of comfortable shoes. Your feet will thank you when you’re not hobbling around in pain on your honeymoon.

Comfy options:

  • $40 Volatile brand Cha-Ching style in Tan 3 1/4″ heel

  • $28.80 Cobian brand Zoe style in Chocolate 3” heel

I hope this helps in your hunt for wedding goodies. Congratulations, brides!  Remember, this is just one of the most important moments of your life, don’t break the bank over it!

Saniya D.
The South Asian Brides Network

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