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The Chanel Teeka – Wedding Wednesday Inspiration

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Last month we highlighted Chanel’s Paris-Bombay show in our sister site Today, we just came across these fabulous Chanel teekas that we couldn’t help but post.

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Colored Mehndi: Something Old & Something New

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Before you sacrifice all four of your limbs to the restricting ways of mehndi for a few hours, we thought we’d paint you a less limiting picture, to a more colorful option.

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Heavy Metal: Trending Nail Look

Before you gasp at the thought of walking down the aisle with heavy metal on your wedding day, let’s clarify the art form.

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What’s In, What’s Out – A Simple Chart to Help Plan Your Wedding

Need a simple guide and don’t have time to scour the web looking for ideas? We’ve simplified everything for you in one little chart from everything from your dress, to your music, to the cake you should serve!

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The Dholki or Dholak celebration takes its name from the percussion instrument Dholki, which is featured heavily during this wedding celebrations.

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Mayoon or mayun (Urdu: مايوں), is celebrated at the bride’s house. Usually the bride’s friends and close relatives get together at her house to dance and sing, often accompanied by drum music.

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Baha’i Ceremony

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The Bahá’í teachings on marriage see it as an eternal bond that survives past the lives of the partners in the physical life, and into the spiritual worlds.

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Parsi Shawl

Parsi Ceremony

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Parsi ceremonies will most likely spread over several days. Ceremonies vary, and not all the rites described below may be observed in one wedding. Other customs may be included also.

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Mehndi (rasm-e-henna), or the Rasm-e-henna ceremony, typically takes place one or two days prior to the main wedding day. Mehndi is also called the Sangeet

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Muslim Ceremony

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The only requirement for Muslim weddings is the signing of a marriage contract. Marriage traditions differ depending on culture, Islamic sect, and observance of gender separation rules.

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